on may 28th, i sat in on bluestocking co-op's Querying Your Comic/Graphic Novel and Getting an Agent webinar for their digital comics fest! i took some notes like it was a class, because as an emerging artist who went to a fine arts program as opposed to a comics/GN-focused program, i don't really know a lot about the business side of publishing. hopefully these notes are useful! i wrote my own notes very point-form but i've tried to make this version understandable to people who didn't attend. i took notes from the POV of an artist/author/comic maker because that's what i am, but agents could very much benefit from this webinar as well!

the main faces of the webinar were Jas Perry as the agenting side, Nadia Shammas as the artist/writer side, and the webinar was moderated by bluestockings' own Joan Zahra Dark!

what do agents look for in clients and vice versa?

you've got an agent -- now what?

miscellaneous QnA stuff

on the tensions of being an anti-capitalist/anti-imperialism artist VS "selling out" to a publisher, tokenisation, and "identity politics"

author's note: this was a really good topic of convo but since it's been a few days and my own notes are very point-form i might be missing some good points made

on legal notes and logistics (NOTE: i am not a laywer and neither were any of the participants to my knowledge. do your research!)

i think that covers all of the notes i took during the webinar. feel free to share this with others and add your own input!