short blog post this month for what will be self-evident reasons but, hey, remember when i said "we'll see if this is just a fluke" re: my pain suddenly leaving me during work in the last blog post?

it was a fluke.

after I posted that, i went back to my "baseline" pain of soreness when walking and being exhausted after work, but it's now progressed to be even worse than before, with my SI joint pain returning and making me unable to bend over at the waist. i suspect that this was aggrivated by all the walking up and down stairs i've started to do. this is very inconvenient for my work, which consists of a lot of bending over to pick up things that kids refuse to pick up when you ask them, as well as running on uneven ground and bending over to unlock storage containers. i've basically resigned myself to being in massive amounts of pain for my last week of work this summer.

on the brighter side of things, the renovations for downstairs are basically complete, and all we have to do is start clearing out a bunch of upstairs rooms so that i can move my workstation into my dad's old office, as well as furnishing the main rooms downstairs. i'm actually sitting in my new office as i write this. i'd like to move the desk around so that it's harder for my mother to stand in the doorway and watch what i do, but it's actually in a decent spot right now. there's so much natural light thanks to the sliding doors into the backyard. moving my workspace out of my room has already helped my room feel less claustrophobic. there's still a lot to get out of this room though, mostly the closet.

anyways. that's been my month. mostly just being in pain and the waiting room for my dad's old office. i'll be starting my final semester of school this fall, and i've applied for a couple of teacher assistant jobs because i only need two more classes to graduate, giving me a bit of wiggle room with my free time. the next room in this house getting renovated is our water-damaged, mold-growing upstairs bathroom that's directly across from my bedroom, so i might have to live downstairs for the next month or two. i'd like to rearrange this website to have more subdirectories, but i'm concerned about breaking all the images i have. we'll see!