right in under the wire for the "once per calendar month" deadline, huh?

i mean the title just about sums it up, really. this is essentially the first month in my adult life where i have had nothing to do. not "i have a couple months between school ending and my work contract beginning", not "i'm going to classes but have nothing pressing due soon", truly nothing at all in my future. no plans, just sheer NEETdom. and it sucks hardcore, but not as much as having something unpleasant to do.

i had an interview for one laid-back retail job a week or so ago, but i havent heard back from them yet so who knows. indeed dot ca, my beloathed, shows me a lot of stuff i don't qualify for and things that would probably return me to the misery of working at mcdonalds. so instead of gainful employment that would let me move out and take control of my life, i've been working on my art. most recently i've been doing a weekly artjam in revscarecrow's subscriber discord with randomly-generated prompts. i posted the past few weeks' results on instragram; my first post there for the first time in months .

following up on screenburn... with my ample free time, i've developed an even worse problem with social media! hooray! notably, since i basically have nothing to do, i'll wake up and spend 3 hours on my phone in bed. putting my phone across my room doesn't really work, because my bed is essentially 50% of my bedroom's floor space and i can grab my phone without leaving bed. so, last night, i did something i haven't done in years: i plugged in my radio alarm, set it to 8:30 am, turned off the alarms on my phone that i'd been using for over 7 years, and plugged it in my office, out of my room entirely. it wasn't necessarily a failure, but i realized that i don't remember how to turn off my radio's alarm and accidentally blasted the Sailor Moon theme trying to turn it off. i also worry about sleeping through the alarm, especially when using my bluetooth sleep headband, but in that case i would probably use my phone's terrifying siren alarm to wake me up anyways if i actually had somewhere to be. another side effect of putting my phone in the other room is that it forces me to go to bed before midnight out of sheer boredom. instead of browsing social media for hours, i read a few chapters of Gideon the Ninth by Tasmyn Muir, which i've been enjoying, though i feel like i'll have to read the intro again once i finish to really understand the initial worldbuilding rather than just glossing over it while trying to get to the meat of the plot.

anyways. i still have to work on the unfinished pages of my site, upload the revcord artjam images here, and reconfigure the directory. see you next month, i suppose.