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pink slip (2022)

a book documenting a snail's attempts to stay employed. my first attempt at doing yotsume toji (japanese four-hole book binding) with a modified pattern to mimic spiral-bound books full of company protocols i had been given in previous jobs. documentation of this book is rough due to its shape and the quality of my scanner, so i intend to re-take the pictures at some point.

fun fact: in order to recreate the Ontario Notice of Termination page, i had to download Adobe Acrobat - the province doesn't let you view it on their site, nor do they host a plain pdf version of it that can be downloaded and viewed with most computers' preview function. i could not figure out how to view the document on mobile even after downloading the Adobe Acrobat app, which says some concerning things about the accessibility of the provincial website, at least when it comes to viewing legal documents.